Traverse Breakfast Plays: (in search of) Tomorrow - The Walt Disney Project

François Archambault
Traverse Theatre

Traverse Breakfast Plays

The French Canadian contribution is a witty fantasia set in 2056.

A trio of pseudonymous activists (Mickey, Bambi and Snow White) played by Gabriel Quigley, Gavin John Wright and Helen Mallon carry forward a stunning plan to reinvigorate their eco-centric attempts to rescue Quebec from the cynical powers that wish to risk the future for short term benefit.

The strategy is to resurrect Benny Young’s cryogenically preserved Walt Disney, whom they hope will become a spokesperson for their mission.

This leads to considerable theoretical debate about how he will react, be useful to the movement and whether Snow White will provide the required loving kiss to awake the sleeping cartoonist.

Directed by Orla O’Loughlin, this leads to an amusing light comedy with serious themes regarding global warming and independence movements stretching beyond Canada underlying the humour.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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