Traverse Breakfast Plays: (in search of) Tomorrow - No Desert Roses

Laila Soliman
Traverse Theatre

Traverse Breakfast Plays

Laila Soliman from Egypt has contributed a play that is post-modern with a feminist streak.

The central character, played by Anita Vettesse, is a writer who talks the audience through her thought processes, bringing out many aspects of life in a country in the midst of revolution.

She makes use of three other women. Emily Wachter is a (headless) receptionist at a gynaecologist’s office, Blythe Duff a septuagenarian neighbour of the writer and Sharon Duncan-Brewster a Sudanese refugee awaiting a decision as to whether she will be deported.

In conversations with each other and the audience, the quartet builds a picture of Egypt today through generally tangential observations about their own experiences.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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