Owen McCafferty
Traverse Theatre


If there were an artistic genre called existential pornography, this 75-minute play might just fit the bill.

It opens with a meeting between Tom, a lugubrious plumber in his 50s played by Benny Young, and Amiera Darwish as a student drop-out named Tara who is less than half his age with motivations that are far from clear.

After she offers him her body, the ramifications are almost Shakespearean in their consequences.

For reasons that are unclear, not only does Tom confess his misdeeds to Cara Kelly, playing his wife Joan, but elaborates to cover an inexplicable failure.

Her reaction is very philosophical to his face but rather more visceral in the presence of Owen Whitelaw’s Peter, a handsome escort/male prostitute.

While this allows for lashings of angst and misunderstanding for the older couple, a remarkable coincidence awaits, which leads to more navel gazing and soul searching for all four of the characters portrayed in a play that attempts to examine major issues but gets too far beneath the surface.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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