Untitled Love Story

David Leddy
Fire Exit Ltd
St George's West

Untitled Love Story is like a literary treasure hunt that takes some unravelling. Its starting point is the introduction of four visitors to Venice in different eras.

An American woman, The Collector (Morag Stark), is viewed in the 1948, The Priest (Robin Laing), an Italian, comes along in 1967, The Historian (Keith Fleming) is in the city admiring architecture 12 years on and, lastly, The Writer (Adura Onashile) arrives in the present day.

David Leddy seems keen to induce an element of confusion, with the characters talking over each other in early scenes, during which they stand in darkness.

Gradually, their stories begin to emerge and intertwine. The Collector is Peggy Guggenheim and as well as buying artworks, she is sleeping with Samuel Beckett as he writes Krapp's Last Tape, and fighting her teenaged daughter.

Beckett is The Writer's special subject, though she gets sidelined by a broken engagement, pregnancy and casual sex.

The Priest may be a Catholic but his faith is doubted after he starts Buddhist-style public meditation sessions, leading to bizarre retribution.

The Historian has the roughest time of all, as he disbelievingly becomes an early victim of AIDS.

They all come together for a single night at a bittersweet Guggenheim party in 1967.

In addition to being a subtle, allusive exploration of love and faith, Untitled Love Story is designed simply but effectively to create a unique stage work that pays homage not only to Beckett but a number of other artistic and literary figures.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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