Martin Murphy
Bruised Sky
Underbelly, Cowgate


Under the direction of the playwright, Maddie Rice is convincing in the role of a young woman in the eyes of the media. It takes the full hour to discover why she is is such demand.

The smartly dressed figure gives small hints as she relates details of a nondescript life.

On leaving Uni, a job and flat share appeared within days. Admittedly, selling 'phone insurance was hardly glamorous but her talents ensured swift promotion and a good lifestyle.

Her attitude to men is also refreshing, viewing them as sex-obsessed goldfish, always ripe for entertainment, though this did lead to controversy.

An idealistic move into social work brings job satisfaction but also that unwanted fame, in a conclusion that should make every viewer review their attitudes to news and those in the care industry.

Villain might benefit from some pruning as, ultimately, while the background is illuminating, it lives or dies on the final few seconds.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher