What I Heard About Iraq

Adapted by Simon Levy from Elliot Weinberger's London Review of Books Article
Pleasance Courtyard

What I Heard About Iraq is yet another, powerful piece about George Bush's War on Terror. Rather like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, it takes verbatim quotes about the war and juxtaposes those that seem contradictory.

Inevitably the targets of this docudrama, presented by three men and two women playing dozens of roles, are George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair. These are the proven hypocrites who, the play makes clear, were forced to eat earlier words, primarily those justifying the invasion of Iraq.

Director Hannah Eidenow keeps the relentless full-on statements flowing for an hour and the message comes through loud and clear, again and again. This war is wrong.

While the politicians' statements and debunking are familiar, as has been proved several times over in Edinburgh already this year, it is the evidence from the victims of atrocities that is most moving. To hear of mass killings has far less impact than the story of a single mother or son.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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