What Remains

Ben Harrison and David Paul Jones
Traverse Medical School

Grid Iron are Scotland's most significant exponents of site-specific theatrical productions. While What Remains is site specific making the most of the Edinburgh University Medical School, it is closer to a piece of conceptual art than a play.

For those that have not been there, one of the attractions is to look around this august building and go through doors that normally deny public access. This builds to a climax in a room that mixes and utilises animal skeletons, paintings and busts of the great and good.

At the start, the audience is divided into three groups after their leading instructor, Gilbert K Prendergast has played a new composition on the piano.

His prowess impresses, as it should since this solo part is played by the show's composer and sound designer, David Paul Jones.

The A Minor Group then started in fine style, lying in makeshift beds while completing application forms.

Thereafter, the group progressed through various rooms filled with exhibits that either illuminate the world of music, medical education or both together.

The story is pretty lightweight as we observe our leader slowly cracking up and turning into a murderous monster but the main pleasure of What Remains lies in the holistic experience of following a story round a found space that is so rich in history and atmosphere.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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