When it Rains

Anthony Black
Pleasance Dome

When it Rains

When it Rains is a Canadian soap opera so far-fetched that one is left wondering whether it might just be a comedy that is missing its mark.

It features two married couples, Alan and Sybil, played by the writer and Francine Deschepper with Anna (Alan’s sister) and her French husband Louis, Samantha Wilson and Pierre Simpson.

The misfortunes that trouble these people in a little over an hour of drama would be enough to take years for whole streets of people in real life.

For example, at one point Alan has to face losing $13m, his job, a testicle and a baby all in the blink of an eye. The others fare little better so their depression is understandable.

The play is lifted by a refreshing staging that sees its dramas played out in front of a screen projecting graphic novel-style images that illustrate the comic book world of grim people who are very close friends of misfortune.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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