Women's Hour

Sh!t Theatre
Sh!t Theatre

Women's Hour is a joyous, feminist agitprop rant.

It is a wild effusion of information about women delivered by Sh!t Theatre at 100 miles an hour, leaving everyone in the auditorium (including the performers) breathless.

In white face to match their bland costumes, Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit do their damnedest to offend, while making some very pertinent political points about the ways in which women are still disadvantaged and objectified decades after liberation was supposed to have given them equality.

The show is a kind of revue that flits from topic to topic every couple of minutes using song, dance, mime and poetry to help cement messages, with a slideshow to complete the picture.

Subjects include shoes, men, Barbie and tampons plus much, much more.

What looks like a mess, and can be a little too hit-and-miss, at its best finally turns out to be great fun, wearing its learning lightly.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher