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Pleasance Essential Edinburgh

There is not all that much site specific work in Edinburgh this year so a trip out to an unorthodox venue is welcome. Some of the following is based on guesswork.

Judging by the numerous rejection letters littering the fourth floor office on George Street, this interactive performance has been put together by two young actresses named Holly Bodmer (the nervy one) and Dot Howard (the bolshy one) responding to their own attempts to get onto the job ladder.

This duo are clearly experts in experiencing rejection. This becomes apparent not only from the letters but also the show that they have created, which never gets past the aspirational interview stage of the working process.

For an hour, a small, select group of guests is given the opportunity to share in the rejection and discover why the pair have not had spent as long as they would like in employment.

We hear of what can go wrong and clearly has. There is also the chance to enjoy a handful of role-playing games and one roll-playing experience that is a mini-highlight.

The problem is that the material is rather thin and while there are some quite good comic moments, they do not override some of the longer, weaker elements.

It is all quite surreal and ends with the actors literally running away from their audience, the show’s most novel twist.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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