Yokes Night

Scott Lyons
Stay Up Late Collective
Pleasance Courtyard

Yokes Night

It may only last 45 minutes but Yokes Night is a fine play, performed to perfection by playwright Scott Lyons and Zoe Forrester from E15 Acting School.

Viewers will inevitably be reminded of Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs, as they watch a young Irish couple wreaking havoc in the name of love.

Harry is a born loser, though at least he has a job. Nirvana for him is Yokes Night, the day last year when Irish law changed to make all drugs legal, even hard ones.

He decides to celebrate with a night of clubbing and falls over hot Saoirse, a bold but possibly lost soul.

They get on well and, after a night of camping, she tells him a sob story that cries out for revenge.

The ensuing scenes come straight from a horror movie but are evoked well in Jesse Briton and Dimitris Chimonas’s simple production that races along to a satisfyingly enigmatic conclusion.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher