Graeme Strachan

Edinburgh Reviewist

Graeme is a writer, and journalist who began writing for British Theatre Guide in in the winter of 2005 and covers the Edinburgh Fringe Festival extensively on a yearly basis as well as reviewing plays during the year.

In addition to his work with British Theatre Guide, Graeme is a film reviewer for The Wee Review, and moonlights as a restaurant critic for The Food & Drink Guide.

He has also worked as a respected freelance Video Game Journalist, and was one of the founding members of SquareGo Videogames Magazine, for which he worked as Editor-in-Chief. In other spheres, he has previously been a manuscript copy-editor for Curiosity Quills Publishing, wrote the story and scripts for the mobile phone game Simure Vikings, and earns his daily crust working in the Scottish Film & TV Industry.

An embracer of new technology, Graeme is active on his Twitter account @The_Reviewist and can be found there, declaiming sonorous opinions about whatever crosses his mind.


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