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London Classic Theatre loses show set to fire

Published: 13 January 2019

News emerged this week that London Classic Theatre's entire set for their new production was lost to flames on New Year’s Eve when the Shurgard self-storage unit in Croydon burned to the ground.

Twenty fire engines attended the scene which saw the destruction of nearly two thousand storage units.

The entire set, technical equipment, props and costumes for the company's production of Charlotte Keatley’s My Mother Said I Never Should are having to be replaced prior to 6 February when the show is due to play at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, as part of the current tour.

The company receives no funding or sponsorship.

Artistic director of London Classic Theatre, Michael Cabot said, "last week was understandably difficult for us. Losing all of our production resources in the fire was a huge shock. We open the second leg of the My Mother Said I Never Should tour in four weeks, so time really has been of the essence. It’s an ambitious production with a very intricate and detailed design, so to recreate the whole show from scratch is a huge challenge.

"Fortunately, both our brilliant team and our insurers have been incredibly supportive and moved really quickly to help us get going again. This is undoubtedly a catastrophic event which has had profound consequences for many of those involved. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the fire."

Sandra Giorgetti