Rifco's Mushy: Lyrically Speaking online

Published: 19 April 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Mushy - Varun Raj Credit: The Other Richard
Mushy - Oliver Longstaff and Medhavi Patel Credit: The Other Richard
Mushy - Varun Raj and Oliver Longstaff Credit: The Other Richard

Rifco Theatre Company’s play Mushy: Lyrically Speaking is available for online viewing for the duration of the isolation period.

This rap musical piece is based on television's Educating Yorkshire. It tells the true story of 16-year-old Musharaf Asghar and how he conquered a severe stammer thanks to the support of inspirational teacher Mr Burton.

Musharaf, known as Mushy, is played by Varun Raj and Mr Burton by Oliver Longstaff. Mushy's mother is played by Medhavi Patel.

Mushy: Lyrically Speaking has a book by Pravesh Kumar, the composer is Niraj Chag and lyrics are by Raxstar. The director is Ameet Chana and the movement director is Kate Webster.

The show, originally co-produced with Watford Palace Theatre, toured at the end of last year.

Mushy: Lyrically Speaking is available Rifco’s web site and Vimeo. It is the first of several pieces being made available as part of Rifco Digital, which will include BananaSharma’s I Am British Asian.