Rambert commissions new work for streaming

Published: 7 March 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

Rambert dancer Naya Lovell in rehearsal for Rooms Credit: Camilla Grenwell

Rambert's live-stream programme for 2021 includes a new work by Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren streamed live from Rambert's home on the Southbank with works to follow by Marion Motin (Christine and the Queens, Dua Lipa), Imre Van Opstal and Marne Van Opstal and Benoit Swan Pouffer later in the year.

Strømgren's Rooms will be broadcast live 8–11 April 2021 and feature 17 dancers, 36 scenes and 100 characters and is described as "like catching miniature scenes through a train window, or cycling through the streets and peering into apartments."

This will be followed by a double bill of new works including a new live-stream adaptation of Rouge from Marion Motin and a première from siblings Marne Van Opstal and Imre Van Opstal. A further new work for Rambert 2 follows in the autumn from Rambert’s artistic director Benoit Swan Pouffer.

The series of digital commissions planned for 2021 include dancer interviews, behind the scenes and creation videos, podcasts and dancer-curated playlists, dance classes and more.

Rambert intends for its livestream productions to continue beyond the reopening of theatres. Pouffer explained, "working through the medium of live-streams brings us a great new opportunity to see the work from the point of view of its creator. With film, we are watching through their gaze, which is different to watching a stage production where the audience can choose where to look to a greater extent."

Rambert’s digital performances cost £10 per ticket, £15 per household or £20 including a donation.