Mark Jeary
New Room Theatre

Blackout is the stories of five recovering alcoholics; or a compilation of several recovering alcoholics. This production is in the school of veritas the likes of Laramie Project and The Exonerated. Good, solid scripts made poignant by their performers.

Written by recovering alcoholic Mark Jeary and performed by a wildly diversified cast including Cameron Fulton, Miriam Sarah Doren, Camille Marmié, Houda Echouafni and Mr Jeary. These are our relatives, our neighbours, our friends. We all know someone.

Director Paul Brotherson, with the lightest of touch, moves the characters and dialogue around the stage, always holding his audience's attention.

Although this cast never falters from the reality but occasionally brings us to empathy without over sentimentalising their performances, this is a script that will sought out by professional and amateur productions.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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