The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide: Live! – How to Keep Body and Soul Together

Mark Fisher
Pleasance Courtyard

Mark Fisher has put together a series of shows helping participants and visitors to survive the Fringe, not to mention buy copies of his book of the same name, reviewed in February.

Some very wise advice was delivered on 16 August—apparently depression day or the lowest point in the Fringe—from a varied team of four guests. The choice was good with actress Maureen Beattie joined by producer / director / actor Guy Masterson, comedian Ian Fox and producer Teresa Burns.

The suggestions varied widely. Getting the perfect show ready in advance is important, as is having fun while you are doing it.

More prosaically, keeping booze-free for twelve hours before performing, sleeping, and choosing flatmates carefully are all vital.

Hearing the horror stories of bad reviews, drunken performers and lack of sleep, it would be easy to wonder why anyone comes here at all and that was the most enlightening subject considered.

The craic was well up there for everyone, as well as the chance to sell yourself, albeit at 3:30 in the morning with a performance less than 12 hours away.

Ultimately, the biggest recommendation comes from the fact that this quintet keep returning and will so until they drop.

This series continues on Thursdays and Fridays and all six shows will be available to download as podcasts.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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