This Place We Know: The Rest of Your Life

Barney Norris
Bush Theatre
Bar FM, Uxbridge Road

Waj Ali and Rakie Ayola Credit: Helen Murray
Waj Ali Credit: Helen Murray
Rakie Ayola and Waj Ali Credit: Helen Murray

Playing alongside Terrorism as part of This Place We Know is a mysterious play lasting 40 minutes and, ironically, attempting to get under the skin of Nick, who could easily have been a terrorist.

By the time that we come across the lapsed Muslim, he is working in a basement bar that probably never saw better days.

In the wee small hours, Waj Ali's non-descript character is visited at work by Rakie Ayola playing tough Hannah.

The seemingly laid-back lady in search of a coffee has her own agenda. After a few social niceties, she settles in and reminds Nick of a chequered teenage past that still haunts him 21 years later.

Quite what went on during his days as a drug dealer and hers as a copper is never made clear.

However, it was something nasty and a youngster died. Neither the identity of Hannah's current employer nor the person that is invading Nick's sleep is ever made clear in a piece directed by Miranda Cromwell that feels under-developed.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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