Other theatres

I was introduced to a new venue at the start of the year—one I was to return to a few more times—when former Octagon Artistic Director David Thacker brought Arthur Miller’s The Last Yankee to Bolton Library’s intimate theatre space, which was ideal for this play. Thacker was clearly in his element directing a top-class cast in his specialist area and it resulted in one of the theatrical highlights of the year.

At 53two, Reallife Theatre Company celebrated hitting the big two-o last year with its popular biannual evenings of new short plays with a JB Shorts 21 that featured an interesting and varied selection of the 120 pieces that it has debuted over the last decade.

From Shore To Shore by Mary Cooper and M W Sun took place in Manchester Chinatown’s acclaimed Yang Sing Restaurant and told a series of interconnecting migrant tales based on genuine accounts from Chinese communities around the UK, an interesting piece theatrically that was also accompanied by a very nice Chinese meal.