Silvestrini’s new online Protein works

Published: 7 November 2020
Reporter: Vera Liber

Clemmie Sveaas in Three and Four Quarters Credit: Urban Joren

Before the Interval and After the Interval, a seventy-minute double bill of works conceived and directed by Luca Silvestrini for HeadSpaceDance and originally performed in 2012 and 2014, will stream 6–15 November 2020, presented in partnership with DanceEast, Northern Ballet and The Arts Centre at Edge Hill University.

Three and Four Quarters, of which After the Interval was originally part, ran at the Linbury Studio Theatre in 2012 before touring the UK. The Royal Opera House commissioned a follow-up, If Play is Play…, in 2014 for which Silvestrini created Before the Interval. This broadcast unites Silvestrini’s two commissions for the first time.