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Philip's Top 5

Every week London editor Philip Fisher selects the top five plays in London.

The Alternative Top 5

Latest reviews

Ashley Christmas as Grace Ashcroft and Mark Cronfield as Harry Mockler,

The Wish House

North Country Theatre at The Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond

The Machine, Richard Davenport

The Machine

Collectif and then… at Barbican (The Pit)

Kathryn Hunter, Simon Annand

The Emperor

HOME, Young Vic and Les Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg at HOME Manchester

William Bird as Leo and Deborah Javor as Leonora, Dean Osgood

Danger: Memory

Nearly There Productions in association with Group Theatre & Film at Theatro Technis

Cassandra Hercules,

Under My Thumb

Culture Clash Theatre and Greenwich Theatre at Greenwich Theatre Studio

Joseph Quinn as Dean Carmody and Erin Doherty as Tamsin Carmody in Wish List, Jonathan Keenan

Wish List

Royal Exchange Theatre and The Royal Court at Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester

Dominic Cooper, Alastair Muir

The Libertine

Theatre Royal Bath Productions at Theatre Royal Haymarket

The Company, Wipers Times, Philip Tull

The Wipers Times

A Trademark Touring and Watermill Theatre Production at Watermill Theatre Newbury

Emily and a seagull, Ellie Kurttz

Let's Fly

A co-production by Little Angel Theatre & Goblin at Little Angel Theatre

Anna Riding (Zoya), Olivia Beardsley (Foster), William Reay (Kasprowicz), Sheila Burnett

The Collector

Kathryn Barker Productions in association with London Classic Theatre at York Theatre Royal

While You Wait

BTG has partnered with Fuel Theatre on a series of podcasts called While You Wait.

  1. Waiting... Now by Paul Clark in collaboration with Bill Brewer
  2. Waiting... to be born by Lewis Gibson in collaboration with Debra Bick and Sarah Beake
  3. Waiting... in a hairdressers by Malika Booker in collaboration with Emily Butterworth
  4. Waiting... to come home by Caroline Horton in collaboration with Jennifer Wild
  5. Waiting... for a Cancer Diagnosis by Brian Lobel, in collaboration with Iain Perdue
  6. Waiting... are we? By The Company in collaboration with Jonathan Reades and Raphael Woolf
  7. Waiting... for a loved one to die by Rachel Mars in collaboration with Fliss Murtagh
  8. Waiting... for the inevitable by Toby Jones in collaboration with Peter Giese

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