The Brighton Fringe 2014

Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Dateline: 13th April, 2014

Theatre at Brighton Fringe (part 1)

The Brighton Fringe is England's biggest arts festival providing entertainment for all ages and across diverse art forms over a month in May.

Alongside theatre performances, some commemorating World War I, there is a wide variety of live spoken word, physical theatre, contemporary dance, music and comedy events.

These, together with other arts, make up over seven hundred events at some 186 venues and locations that include The Old Market's toilet (Flush) and a Victorian–style bathing machine situated on New Road for one–on–one relay play Host.

This year's Fringe will see the inaugural street party of The Marlborough Theatre which is hosting thirty events, the introduction of the Family Guide covering the child–friendly programme and the Arts Council–supported initiative WINDOW a showcase programme created to develop and encourage artists with new work.

In 2013 Brighton Fringe ran for four weeks, including half term, for the first time and saw an estimated 270,000 attendees.

Amongst the theatre performances at the 2014 Fringe are: