Contact is besieged by Christmas again

David Chadderton

Contact and Slung Low come together once again with a revival of last year's festive promenade show The Siege of Christmas.´╗┐

Audiences set off from the theatre's main entrance wearing individual headphones through which instructions and clues are delivered to them to explore a "frenetic and fun-filled festive assignment throughout the building’s many spaces, transformed into a winter wonderland´╗┐."

Alan Lane, director of Leeds-based Slung Low who devised the show with Contact Young Company, said, "we were overwhelmed by the audience response to The Siege of Christmas and the chance to revisit it and work again with the excellent Contact Young Company is one we’re really excited about.´╗┐"

It runs at Contact in Manchester from Wednesday 13 to Wednesday 20 December at 11AM, 2PM and 6PM.