King Lear’s story continues at Buxton

Steve Orme

A one-man play which continues King Lear’s story is to be performed in four non-theatre spaces, starting with a church hall in Buxton as part of the 2017 Fringe.

King Lear (Alone) continues the journey of Lear who is on his own and disorientated. For the audience, the play of his tragedy is over—yet for him there are unresolved issues. He finds himself in a strange, unfamiliar space. He does not know how he got there or indeed where he is—he is just there.

Using Shakespeare’s words reworked by playwright Frank Bramwell, Lear has one hour to decide what his future holds.

Bob Young plays Lear in this production by Inamoment Theatre Company, founded by Bramwell with the aim of presenting theatre in an “accessible, touching way”.

King Lear (Alone) will be staged in the United Reformed Church, Hardwick Square East, Buxton on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 July at 8PM and Saturday 15 July at 3PM. It will then be performed in a church crypt, a bookshop and a library.