Leicester celebrates with South Asia festival

Steve Orme

The city of Leicester is to mark the 70th anniversary of India and Pakistan’s independence with six days of arts and culture in Night of Festivals South Asia.

The festival will showcase new work from internationally acclaimed artists from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the UK.

Night of Festivals South Asia is part of a series of festivals produced by Leicester-based arts organisation ArtReach. Its director David Hill said, “ArtReach is hugely excited about the opportunity to create a special Night of Festivals focusing on the amazing art and culture from and influenced by South Asia.

“The project brings together the contemporary and the traditional, with innovative fusion work and shared platforms for artists from different cultures.”

Wissam Khodur, the festival’s executive producer, added, “I’ve been proud to witness the amazing culture and diversity within Leicester—a city which has such strong connections to the subcontinent with a high number of diaspora living here. It’s a privilege to work with such talent from within the arts community both from South Asia and locally.”

The festival takes place in various locations from Monday 14 until Saturday 19 August. The full programme is available at the Night of Festivals South Asia web site.