Manchester script surgery's healthy outlook

David Upton

Manchester ADP is a community of professional creatives in the North West who host script-in-hand performances of new plays followed by audience feedback to help writers develop new scripts.

It was founded by Diana Atkins, who was inspired by Actors and Writers London which has been running since 1973.

ADP has been running for just over a year and has racked up 57 new plays with 99 actors. And has just as many waiting to be performed.

Russell T Davies (writer of Doctor Who and Cucumber) has become a regular audience member and financial donor. Both The Lowry and Oldham Coliseum are supporting and will be partnering with them for future events. And the actors casting database—Casting Networks International—offers all ADP actors complimentary pro membership.

Now it has programmed Full Force February: a theatre event every Monday in February at the Kings Arms, each with a different twist.

It is open to free script submissions all year round and promise detailed written feedback whether it’s staged or not.