New programme for people with sensory impairments

Steve Orme

Midlands arts centre mac Birmingham and the national disability charity Sense are inviting people with sensory impairments and complex needs to take part in a new programme, Sensibility.

It aims to make art more accessible to people with sensory impairments by changing the way art is made.

Graeae Theatre and Stephanie Singer of BitterSuite are co-directing the programme. Four artists—Justin Wiggan, Saranjit Birdi, Lyn Cox and Becca Thomas of InterAction—have been commissioned to develop art with people with sensory impairments. The process and results of these collaborations will be shared with the wider arts sector at the inaugural Sensibility Festival in May 2018.

Stephanie Tyrrell, national art manager at Sense, said, “we hope the programme will enhance creative opportunities for people with complex needs, which will in turn enrich current contemporary art.”

Anyone with sensory impairments and complex needs who is interested in participating in the project should contact