Nottingham stages Miller’s “relevant” All My Sons

Steve Orme

“Family drama at its best” arrives at Nottingham Playhouse with Arthur Miller’s “gripping and powerful” All My Sons.

Fiona Buffini has chosen to stage Miller’s play because she believes its observations on post-war America feel as relevant as ever today.

She said, “for me one of the most interesting things about this play is the clash between the older and younger generations; the idealism of youth with the pragmatism of age.

“Some people want fairness and the greater good—they strive for more than just their own success. For me, the play is exactly about that. The question is: is it possible to be idealistic in the world that we currently live in? Arthur Miller really was exploring the contradiction that exists within the American Dream: work hard for material success but at what price?”

All My Sons runs at Nottingham Playhouse from Friday 6 October until Saturday 21 October. Press night will be Tuesday 10 October.

Meanwhile the Playhouse will host, in the Neville Studio, Playground, a new performance festival for artists, makers and theatre companies based in Nottinghamshire.

It will showcase work from “some of the most exciting new artists and companies in the region” from Tuesday until Saturday, 3 until 7 October.

Opening night features the “darkly comic” monologue The War on Terry by J F W Nutt, performed by Steve Conlin and directed by Hugh Dichmont. It features a 27-year-old man whose older brother killed himself trying to come to terms with how his life could have been different.

Full details of the Playground festival can be found at the Nottingham Playhouse web site.