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Dateline: 11th February, 2005

Scratch is Five!

An invitation to Scratch's fifth birthday party

We just couldn't resist letting you see the invitation!

Scratch is BAC's Scratch Night, a chance for audiences to see new work in an early stage of development and actually contribute to that development by feedback directly to the creative teams. It is a remarkably successful idea: among its successes are Jerry Springer the Opera and Ridiculusmus’ Ideas Men.

Created at BAC through conversations with artists and producers, Scratch allows artists to develop new work in front of and with an audience. Developing new work at BAC starts with a Scratch Night. Audiences pay what they can for an evening of low-tech’ theatre. Artists present work in its infancy, sometimes stopping in the middle for advice, always meeting in the bar afterwards where the audience offer feedback over a drink or two. The work may then progress to a Scratch Performance consisting of two or three night runs of a Scratch work. Ticket prices remain low and the bar remains an important space for audience and artist discussions.

This birthday Scratch night starts at 8 pm on Sunday 27th February: pay what you can (a minimum of £10 - someone has to pay for the jelly and ice cream!). Box ofice: 020 7223 2223.


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