TicTac to stage nature comedy plays at Buxton

Steve Orme

A compilation of three short comedy plays by Devon playwright Nick Discombe, Nature Knows Best will be presented at Buxton Fringe by Exeter-based TicTac Theatre.

TicTac specialises in two-handers and multi-role productions. It was founded in 2015 by Hannah Brooks and Scott Goodair who both trained at Cygnet Theatre. Using minimalistic sets, they draw attention to the text and action of a play.

Nature Knows Best features Sheep Mount in which a ewe and a ram escape their depressing lives on an enclosed farm to roam free on Dartmoor, Sea Gull Heaven which looks into the lives of two gulls living out their days at a tip where there are easy pickings for food because of man’s wasteful habits and Seahorse Ride which involves the switching of conventional roles within a relationship.

Nature Knows Best will be performed at Buxton Community School, College Road, Buxton on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 July at 7:30PM.