You've Changed: O'Donnell tries to bring gender out of the 1930s

David Chadderton

Transgender artist Kate O’Donnell likens today to the 1930s where gender is concerned in You’ve Changed at The Lowry from 10 to 11 November, co-produced by Trans Creative and Contact.

It’s 14 years since O'Donnell transitioned and a lot has changed. In the follow up to her show Big Girl's Blouse, she looks at the so-called 'trans tipping point' and asks if the world is changing fast enough.

Challenging the idea that genitals equal gender, Kate literally bares all, getting her own out on the proverbial table... she’s changed, that’s clear, but what she really wants to know is, have you?

Matt Eames, programmer and producer at The Lowry, said, “You’ve Changed is a show that really makes you think and for us it has been a great exercise to highlight how we can change to be more accessible to the trans community.”