An Evening With Dementia

Trevor T Smith

Westgarth Productions

theSpace on the Mile

From 01 August 2012 to 25 August 2012

Rating: *****

Review by Graeme Strachan

Trevor T Smith returns to the Fringe as the befuddled but intelligent geriatric who has his own methods of dealing with his all consuming dementia.

His turn as the aged actor re-using his skills to convince others that he still has his marbles is as heartbreaking and clever as ever. From the repetitions of sentences to his stories of his past all held together with gossamer threads, it's a truly unique and soulful piece of theatre.

The performance is understated in the extreme, with Smith's casual subtlety underplaying the role with an offhanded weariness and decrepitude which is all the more clear in the transformation when he finally rises to take his final bow.

The performance still lingers as one of my favourite Fringe shows and a performance that should be required viewing by anyone who has any ties to elderly people in care.