Breathing Corpses

Laura Wade

Exeter University Theatre Company


From 02 August 2012 to 27 August 2012

Rating: ***

Review by Graeme Strachan

Exeter University Theatre Company has a reputation at the Fringe for yearly providing dependably solid productions, often adaptations of great novels or classic plays. It's nice to see them take a leap into a new direction in 2012 with Breathing Corpses.

The black comedy begins when a hotel cleaner comes across the body of a suicide in one of the rooms. His note lays the blame on depression after having found a dead body himself. The play then skips back in time to show his story, then the story of the body he found.

It's a clever piece of non-linear theatre with good performances from the young cast. There is some overly ambitious staging with many unnecessary props and scene changing movements that distract from the cohesion, but nevertheless it's an entertaining hour's romp and will raise the eyebrow and the smirk of anyone who sees it.