Donald Robertson is Not a Stand Up Comedian

Gary McNair

Traverse Theatre

From 30 July 2014 to 24 August 2014

Rating: *

Review by Philip Fisher

This is a love it or hate it experience. Gary McNair, becoming his own protagonist, uses the medium of stand-up to explore stand-up and possibly rather more.

His starting point is to tell deliberately corny jokes rather badly. This develops into a story about the titular, bullied 15-year-old.

McNair the comic somehow becomes mentor to Robertson the punch bag, delivering life lessons that are intended to help the teenager fight back against school bullies.

Eventually, after a great deal of dithering around, the youngster gets cool in rather unconvincing, accidental fashion, leading to a twist in the tail.

Viewers might find the whole thing hilarious or could see it as an experimental piece that says very little.