I Heart Peterborough

Joel Horwood

Pleasance Courtyard

From 08 August 2012 to 27 August 2012

Rating: **

Review by Philip Fisher

For an hour, we follow the unavailing search for love by transvestite Michael. Like so many of his persuasion, it isn’t easy. Inevitably, Milo Twomey’s character, who also goes by the ubiquitous title of Lulu, fancies men who are horrified by him/her.

His journey is paralleled by that of his son Hew, Jay Taylor providing backing music on electronic keyboard in addition to taking this part.

Nothing too much out of the ordinary takes place, as repeatedly their hearts are broken by would-be paramours and each other.

Joel Horwood, who also directs, builds a picture of unfulfilled lives, conveying the era of the 1970s and 1980s with music and randomly chosen historical references.