Neutrinos and Sal Pittman


From 01 August 2014 to 24 August 2014

Rating: ***

Review by Seth Ewin

A gig in a small animal hospital, art installations in cages, a really great use of the old Royal Dick buildings. With its many art forms and highly creative venue use, the show is effectively a distillation of the whole Summerhall venue.

Not that Summerhall requires any further distillation as it does already have a gin distillery on-site. Perhaps a drinks bar might be one thing they could add to the show, not so everyone is sloshed, just that the audience could be a bit more chilled and up for a dance.

Klanghaus combines lots of different art forms into a crazy down-a-rabbit-hole experience. It plays around with part of the old veterinary´╗┐ college that still retains some of the creepy original interior structures.

Although it can be quite dark, as one might expect from a venue called The Small Animal Hospital, for the most part it is quite a comic performance experience with the two lead singers in their boxy monochrome outfits, having lots of fun.

The audience gets to go on a journey through the rooms guided by the artists, projections and of course sound. It is a strange, disorientating experience, enjoyable, though you would like a little more room and time to properly enjoy it.

The slot is also quite early; a later night slot might add to the show from an audience perspective. Maybe a bar, too, to create the right mood, or maybe it is just the audience when I went or maybe it is me? In fairness, there was a reasonable balance between moving the audience around and allowing things to flow naturally.

Unlike some weird journeys, though, this does have a very definite ending and is very much in keeping with the kooky style of the performance.

There could not be a more surreal way to explore the hiddens depths of Summerhall's Dick Vet past.