London Road, Sea Point

Nicholas Spagnoletti

KBT Productions

Assembly George Square

From 31 July 2013 to 26 August 2013

Rating: **

Review by Philip Fisher

A lonely, ageing Jewish matriarch meets her upstairs neighbour after the latter has suffered a break in at a building somewhere in the Cape Town area.

The play, imported by KBT Productions from the Republic, then shows how their friendship builds into a mutual dependency.

Jewish Rosa is played with eccentric over-characterisation by Robyn Scott, all tics and mutters. By contrast, Nigerian Stella is portrayed with great naturalism by Ntombi Makhutshi.

For a considerable period, we witness them going about the minutiae of ordinary lives, both missing absent loved ones. Rosa is a widow, whereas her illegal immigrant friend has a husband back in Lagos.

The drama is ramped up with the revelations that Stella deals in drugs and is threatened by her “business associates” and also that both women are unwell.

This is a play that has minimal content and therefore relies on audience members falling for the excesses delivered by Robyn Scott, which will irritate some and be loved by others.