Taiwan Season: Lost in Grey

Chung An-Chang: Choreographer

Resident Island Dance Theatre

Dance Base

From 05 August 2016 to 28 August 2016

Rating: ****

Review by Catherine Lamm

Taiwan Season is offering six productions; here, Lost In Grey is a dance piece at Dance Base. This is one of their dance offerings.

This dance production is successful not just because the dancers, Resident Island Dance Theatre (Weng Chiang-yin, Kan Jen-Yun, Yeh Li-Chuan, Juan Yi-Chen, Fang Shih-Yun, Yen I-Hue), are extremely well trained and well rehearsed but because the choreographer, Chung An-Chang, has accomplished what many choreographer miss: he has choreographed a piece suited to the dancers.

It is high-energy and exciting. You don’t need to know what it is about, something about mental health in Taiwan. Lost In Grey holds its own because of the dancers and the dance.

Beautifully conceived and executed, it is mysteriously engaging.