Sex Ed:The Musical!

Emily Snee and Isobel Wolff

Out Write Productions

The Space@Surgeons Hall

From 03 August 2012 to 25 August 2012

Rating: ***

Review by Robin Strapp

Sex Education was never like this when I was at school but teenagers John and Gladys have a team of advisers to steer them through those troubled and confusing years.

This tongue in the cheek musical is not afraid to tell you everything you wanted to know about sex. The teachers guide us through the traumas of puberty, masturbation; the mechanics of actually having sex and the various positions as well as fetishes, sexual orientation, contraception, AIDS and try to dispel some of the myths, all through “the magic of theatre.”

If this sounds like too much detail, do not be alarmed because these six actors perform with gusto and the music and songs are exceedingly clever and funny.