The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy Part I: The List

Jennifer Tremblay

Stellar Quines

Assembly Roxy

From 06 August 2015 to 30 August 2015

Rating: *****

Review by Philip Fisher

Anyone planning to put on a solo show in Edinburgh would be well advised to find an hour to watch The List.

It is as close to perfection as one could hope for without pushing the boat out on International Festival budgets.

Every element is worthy of note. Maureen Beattie is a consummate performer at the top of her game. Director Muriel Romanes enhances the performance with subtle instructions and John Byrne’s series of chilling images, aided by clever lighting by Jeanine Byrne.

Finally, there is Jennifer Tremblay's moving tale of perfect Caroline, the mother that everyone would love to have.

Where our anonymous narrator is impatient and obsessive, compiling lists as if life cannot be lived without them, Caroline is a natural earth mother.

For her, mess is normal and the four small children seem to thrive on it too.

The connection between two contrasting women builds to the extent that when tragedy strikes, it takes on the proportions of a Greek myth.

Do not miss out on this first part of what promises to be a magical Canadian trilogy with Scottish overtones.