Title and Deed

Will Eno

Gare St Lazare

Assembly Hall

From 01 August 2014 to 25 August 2014

Rating: ****

Review by Philip Fisher

Under the meticulous direction of Judy Hegarty Lovett, Conor Lovett presents an acting masterclass while delivering this quirky monologue, which comes to Edinburgh from New York’s wondrous Signature Theatre, having started life in Kilkenny.

The Irish actor plays an unnamed alien visiting our shores for the first time. A couple of hints suggest that his home may be extra-terrestrial, but perhaps he is merely from overseas.

For around an hour, the man talks about life here and compares it with home, injecting humour either due to linguistic difficulties or the strangeness of his home culture.

Nothing much happens in an existential investigation of life’s oddities from cradle to grave but viewers will be left thinking of the inconsequentialities that make up our modern world. They will also have been dazzled by one of the best performances in the city.