Traverse Breakfast Plays: Fat Alice

Alison Carr

Traverse 2

From 15 August 2014 to 22 August 2014

Rating: ***

Review by Philip Fisher

Alison Carr has written an absurdist comedy that also addresses more serious issues.

The two-hander takes place in the fast disintegrating flat of Meg Fraser’s Moira. With her is Peter played by Keith Flemming.

One soon gathers that weak-willed Peter is married and has been stringing Moira along with empty promises for a decade.

As they discuss their past, present and future, a small crack in the ceiling begins to widen, eventually bringing increasingly large parts of the titular Fat Alice into view.

This elephant in the room would seem to be an obvious metaphor for what is or is not happening between the couple and eventually leads to a devastating ending for all concerned.