We Are Ian

Kat Dory, Dora Lynn and Nora Alexander

In Bed With My Brother

Pleasance Dome

From 03 August 2016 to 29 August 2016

Rating: ****

Review by Amy Yorston

Like moths drawn to a light, the three-strong cast of We are Ian (Kat Cory, Dora Lynn and Nora Alexander) are captivated by a flashing lightbulb which hangs in the corner of the stage. This light is Ian and pretty soon the whole audience are straining to hear his every word.

A marvellous mix of verbatim theatre, clowning and dance, We are Ian invites the audience to travel back to Ian’s heyday: 1989. The acid house movement was at its height, he was happy (most of the time) and the effect of taking "brown biscuits" was mind-blowing.

As Ian rambles about how great it was, his words are entwined with a pumping soundtrack and the cast dance their hearts out. The interplay between all three is excellent with changing dynamics, body language and an incredible range of facial expressions expressing the joy of the rave but also a surprising amount of pathos.

At the back of the stage, images are projected, mostly bright and garish but also grey and realistic with Thatcher, grim tower blocks and football riots also making an appearance. The inclusion of a few modern politicians is an interesting touch and one that could be pushed and explored further.

With biscuits distributed freely, the audience are encouraged to do the "hot potato and cold spaghetti" and fleetingly enjoy being Ian in 1989. And we do. The unbelievable amount of energy injected into the piece is infectious and for an hour we are definitely Ian.