Silent Cry publicity image,

Silent Cry

Madani Younis (Asian Theatre School / Red Ladder at Theatre Royal, York, and touring).
Reviewer: J. D. Atkinson

Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare (RSC at the Swan Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon).
Reviewer: Steve Orme

At the Table

Marcos Barbosa (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs).
Reviewer: Philip Fisher

Margaret Down Under

Alastair Cording (Eastern Angles Theatre Company at William Loveless Hall, Wivenhoe, Essex).
Reviewer: Jill Sharp

Photo from Signal,

Phoenix Dance Theatre Spring Tour 2004

Featuring pieces choreographed by Henri Oguike, Rui Norta, Darshan Singh Buller and Maresa von Stockert (Gala Theatre, Durham, and touring).
Reviewer: Peter Lathan

Darwin in Malibu advertising image,

Darwin in Malibu

Crispin Whittell (Hampstead Theatre).
Reviewer: Philip Fisher

Masks and Faces

Charles Reade and Tom Taylor (Finborough Theatre).
Reviewer: Philip Fisher