Keith Mckenna

London reviewer

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Latest reviews

Matthew Flacks, The Lab Collective

Incoming / Exodus

Devised by the company (The Lab Collective at Camden People's Theatre).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

Rufus Wright and Elinor Lawless, Robert Day

The End of Hope

David Ireland (Soho Theatre, Orange Tree Theatre at Soho Theatre).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

Erin Doherty, Ellie Kurrtz

My Name Is Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie (original writings), Alan Rickman, Katharine Viner (editors) (JMK Trust, Young Vic, Covent Garden Productions at Young Vic).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

Emma James,  Libby Liburd and Andy McLeod, David Monteith-Hodge


Oli Forsyth (Smoke & Oakum Theatre at New Diorama Theatre).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

A happier moment between Clare and Craig, Rocky Rodriguez

A Nazi Comparison

Devised From Hanns Johst’s Schlageter and Contemporary Political Rhetoric by Craft Theatre (Craft Theatre at Waterloo East Theatre).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

Martin Shaw (William Russell) and Jeff Fahey (Joseph Cantwell), Geraint Lewis

The Best Man

Gore Vidal (Bill Kenwright at Richmond Theatre).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

Paul Harris and Ashley Driver, Daniel Beacock

Doctor Faustus

Christopher Marlowe (Chickenshed at Chickenshed).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

Asmara Gabrielle as Grace and Wendy Morgan as Cheryl, Alex Harvey-Brown


Nessah Muthy (HighTide, Theatre Clwyd at The Mix, High Tide Festival Walthamstow ).
Reviewer: Keith Mckenna