Anjali Dance's Genius

Vera Liber

Anjali Dance Company will tour Genius, a double bill of new work by Gary Clarke and Lea Anderson, across England from 23 September to 9 November 2017.

Anjali’s dancers—Hannah Dempsey, Daisy Garrett, Alex Hyde, Jason Manito, Nick McKerrow and Lauren Payne—will perform two dramatic explorations of genius

Gary Clarke’s Beethoven, which takes a look at the extraordinary personal life of Ludwig van Beethoven performed to excerpts of Beethoven's music.

Lea Anderson’s Bloodsucker is based on the legend of the vampire Nosferatu and his depiction in film. There will be a specially commissioned soundtrack by composer Steve Blake, a long-term collaborator with Anderson, and the design will be by Simon Vincenzi.

Anderson said, “I wanted to work with the Anjali dancers to create a new piece of work that would take risks with no possibility of predicting the outcome, something that would allow none of us to revert to safe or known methods.”

Nicole Thomson, founder and Artistic Director of Anjali Dance Company, said, “we are thrilled to be back on tour with new work by two established and respected choreographers, Lea Anderson and Gary Clarke. Genius celebrates the creative talent of Anjali’s exceptional dancers and demonstrates exciting new possibilities in dance.”

The Genius tour is accompanied by a programme of educational residencies and workshops, some taught by company dancers.