Bloomsbury Festival 2017

Sandra Giorgetti

Bloomsbury Festival 2017 will run for five days from 18 October in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor venues in the Bloomsbury area of London.

This year's theme is independence looking at the concept both in social, commercial and local and international terms including independent business and publishing, scientific and technical independence, The Indian Independence Act and the Russian Revolution.

The 150+ events cover many disciplines including theatre and performance. This programme includes

  • The Frog Princess Punked by The Swamp Girls

  • Catching The Ghost by Chris Campion presented by Extant
  • Girls Girls Girls
  • Groomed written by Patrick Sandford presented by Ingenious Purpose
  • Unfinished Business presented by Outside Edge Theatre
  • Backstory Cabaret written by Bren Gosling
  • Joy by all good artists are dead
  • Myth Independent presented by Havin’ a Crack Theatre Company
  • On Having No Head presented by INQUISITIVE
  • Lucid presented by New Public
  • Walk With Me and Calais presented by Crew For Calais
  • The Game’s a Foot, Try the Fish (and The Man with the Twisted Hip)
  • When Annie Met Gandhi a co-production from Bloomsbury Festival / Ingenious Purpose
  • The Dance Hall by Eve Niker
  • Paper Crown by Tianxin Tian from SU Tong’s fiction My life as Emperor
  • Man-Cub by Alistair Wilkinson
  • Old Joe’s Fish ‘n’ Chill presented by be●wilder theatre

Bloomsbury Festival 2017 takes place in different venues across the area from 18 to 22 October.