Christmas at Alphabetti

Peter Lathan

There will be three special events for Christmas 2017 at Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre, two of them free—although you will be expected to spend money once you're inside!

From 1:00 to 5:00 on Saturday 16 December, there will be the Alphabetti Christmas Market, including:

  • Newcastle Wood Yard (a collective of the folk who are involved with Newcastle Wood Recycling Centre which includes Zanna Design and Fada Foods)
  • Perizadas Lair (handmade, affordable jewellery made of glass and crystal beads)
  • Samantha Goodrick (upcycled handmade—reusable heat pads, shopping bags, mug cosies plus hand knit and crocheted winter accessories)
  • Grassi Art (brand new and original work plus framed and loose prints made especially for the Alphabetti Market)
  • Urban Bakery (an artisan bakery providing a whole host of homemade goods including handcrafted bread, pies and cakes)
  • Pritch & Pooch (Pritch and Pooch will be building (on site!) and selling handmade, personalised dog beds—and cat beds too, if that’s your thing)
  • Cupscupscupscupscups (handmade pottery that she makes in The Ouseburn)
  • Salvage Co (selling a collection of modern, vintage clothing)

There will also be: “a choir, mulled wine, mince pies, crafts for kids and all the usual Christmas lushness and merriment.”

That evening from 6:00 is the Alphabetti Christmas Party which will include snowballs, tinsel, crackers and hats, a buffet and a disco with DJ Paula Penman.

It’s free and it’s non-ticketed so people are invited simply to turn up and enjoy themselves. Age recommendation 18+.

Then from 19 to 22 December, the theatre hosts the Alphabetti Christmas Cabaret, three new plays from three writers well known to Alphabetti audiences:

  • A Very Mediocre Christmas by Gary Kitching
    No strong feelings either way—that’s not how you should feel about Christmas, especially when you are Santa.

  • Poundshop Giftwrap by Louise Taylor
    6AM Christmas morning and Tina’s just polished off a bottle of Bucks Fizz on her way home from the night shift. Hope you’re ready to receive her presents...?

  • A Christmas Carol by Steve Byron
    For Carol, Christmas has to be perfect...

Tickets are £8/£6 and you get a free mince pie if you book in advance. Age recommendation 12+.