Dirty Flea-Bitten Scrounging Bastard from Cloud Nine

Peter Lathan

Whitley Bay-based theatre company Cloud Nine returns with a new satire by Peter Mortimer.

The Dirty Flea-Bitten Scrounging Bastard is set in a modern Britain which indulges get-rich-quick merchants, while coming down heavily on the dispossessed.

Two young London property developers are celebrating with their wives their latest killing in the market but the dinner party is interrupted by the arrival at the front door of a down-and-out looking for charity.

The unwelcome visitor is rapidly despatched, but makes a habit of returning. It seems he simply won’t go away…

This “modern tale”, directed by Neil Armstrong, will play at the Surf Café in Tynemouth on 16 October (7:30), Alphabetti in Newcastle on 17 and 18 (9:30) and The Exchange in North Shields from 19 to 21.

The Surf Café and Exchange performances will be preceded by music from Jenny Lascelles (Tynemouth) and The Electric Peasants (North Shields). There will be no music at Alphabetti but the tickets there (£6) will be £2 cheaper.

Casting will be announced later.