Pioneering digital Q&A series My Dance DNA

Vera Liber

Dance Umbrella has teamed up with The Space to present a new series of Q&As with Britain’s top contemporary choreographers.

In each of these five 60-minute interviews, filmed in front of a live audience and live-streamed from locations around the country, a choreographer picks someone from another field to host his or her own event.

Siobhan Davies was interviewed by Maria Balshaw on Friday 22 September from The Whitworth art gallery in Manchester; last week, Akram Khan divulged to Kathryn Hunter that Michael Jackson was one of his biggest influences. Other events have included ZooNation's Kate Prince and Karim Zeroual´╗┐.

Each video will remain online for a week following the live stream; all of the videos will be made available again in January.

Coming up are Shobana Jeyasingh and Nikki Bedi on Monday 6 November from Dance East and Wayne McGregor and Joan Bakewell on Wednesday 22 November from Wayne McGregor Studio´╗┐.